Charge The Atlantic - A fun little four piece rock band from Nashville, TN
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New Single

Watch us perform live

I Know You’d Be There

Presented by Music Neighbors
at Bulleagle Studios
Nashville, TN

Produced and Engineered
by Jonathann Jrade-Rice

Stream our latest single

Something You Feel


April 20th @ 7:30PM
Boro Fondo Festival
$FREE | All Ages
April 21st @ 9PM
Preservation Pub
$5 | 21+

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  • Lift
Stream or Download

Lift (2015)

Our debut full-length album was recorded in Nashville, TN at Bulleagle Studios. It’s a fun, funky, jazzy, pop-infused rock album — and we’re really proud of it. It’s available in pretty much every format you can think of, and also on CD, if you come to one of our shows.

Book us

Book us today and Kyle will promise not take his clothes off behind the van dammit Kyle there’s a nursing home across the street pay attention.

We’re represented by Shane Morris as our General Manager, and Chris Conrad as our booking agent. They get these emails and then shove us into a van. That’s more or less how it works. If you have any general questions, you can put those here as well.

Follow us. Sometimes we’re funny. Most of the time we’re just telling bad jokes.